What Is Kishu Inu (KISHU) And How Do I Buy It?

A cryptocurrency with a public base called Kishu Inu (KISHU) pays its owners right away. It currently has more than 100,000 shareholders and a market valuation of $2.5 billion as of this writing. Therefore, if you want to join the Kishu Inu army, we’ve included a step-by-step tutorial below on how to purchase Kishu Inu on Trust Wallet.

Kishu Inu Coin: What Is It?

A brand-new, completely decentralized digital money is called Kishu Inu coin (abbreviated KISHU). Two unnamed creators of the coin went by the names Kishu Man and Inu Dev. Since then, the Kishu project has developed into a rapidly expanding community.
The Dogecoin competitor that is most likely to succeed Dogecoin in the near future is Kishu. Kishu is becoming more well-known despite being a newcomer to the cryptocurrency industry. Even the coin’s slogan, “Little meme – Big Dream,” implies that you can expect Kishu Inu to live up to your most audacious hopes.

One of the so-called meme coins is named Kishu. Others are SHIBU Inu, Hoge Finance, Monacoin, and Dogecoin, which was already discussed.
Meme coins are well-known for their flamboyant marketing strategies and fervent fan base.
Investors in the Kishu Inu project reap immediate benefits for taking part in and fostering the Kishu community. The coin is also completely audited by renowned analysts and is secure to trade.
The price of the Kishu Inu coin was $0.000000003234 at the last recent check, and its total trading volume was $16,437,305.

Use Cases for Kishu Inus

Holders of Kishu Inu can use it in online cryptocurrency transactions similarly to other cryptocurrencies.
They can use this token to make online purchases or transfer Kishu coins to digital wallets (although not all online platforms support it yet). Holders of Kishu Inu can also sell their funds or keep them in their digital wallets until it is time to exchange them for fiat money or another crypto asset.

Install Trust Wallet

Installing Trust Wallet on your mobile device is the first step.
Search for “Trust Wallet” on the App Store or Google Play Store.
The next step is to download and launch Trust Wallet.
Create a new wallet once you’re in the app, then tap “Continue” twice.
After that, copy your recovery phrase and save it in a secure location.
Finally, make sure the words in your recovery phrase are tapped in the right sequence.
Your wallet will be successfully generated once you’ve tapped the words in the proper sequence.

On your Trust Wallet, copy your ETH address

You will be able to receive, transmit, and trade cryptocurrencies as soon as the wallet is set up. In your wallet, you’ll discover a list of cryptocurrencies. ETH is one of these cryptos.
To access your Ethereum wallet, click Ethereum. To copy the ETH address to your Trust wallet, select the copy option on the wallet.

Visit Binance to purchase Ethereum

Using Ethereum to swap Kishu Inu (KISHU) is a requirement for purchasing it on Trust Wallet. using the Ethereum Chain is KISHU. As a result, in order to purchase Ethereum, you need a Binance account. Its minimal fees, which are 0.1%, make it the most convenient to use.
Similar to that, you can still purchase ETH using the Trust Wallet. However, you must be aware that the cost is high.
You should be aware that you can purchase 0.1 ETH for free on your Binance account.

Send ETH to your ETH Address

Once everything is ready, transfer the purchased ETH to your Trust Wallet’s ETH address. To access the ETH wallet, click “Ethereum” on your Binance account. To withdraw your Ethereum, select the withdraw option. Additionally, enter your Trust wallet-generated ETH address on the space bar by pasting it.
Keep keep mind that KISHU is accessible via the ETH chain. To finish the transfer, enter the amount you’re sending and select Withdraw.

Write Kishu Inu’s Address Down

Go to and search for KISHU to find the address. To replicate the KISHU address, select the duplicate option under the contract area. Put the address of Kishu Inu into the Trust Wallet search box.
You must add KISHU because it isn’t already in the Trust wallet. The coin will become part of your wallet and display below the search bar. Make sure the Dapp Browser is turned on in your Trust Wallet as well.

Swap Ethereum With A Kishu Inu (KISHU)

To launch the DApp browser, click the browser area. Select Uniswap exchange by clicking the Popular heading.
Enter the amount you wish to exchange for KISHU in Uniswap after importing Kishu Inu, then exchange. Your Trust wallet will display your KISHU balance.
You now have it. You’ve completed the purchase of Kishu Inu.

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