How To Compute Golf Handicap – Full Guide

Golf handicaps are used to increase the level of competition between players of various skill levels. Based on the difference between your score and the course’s par round total, your handicap represents your level of skill.

How does using a golf handicap improve your game?

Men’s and women’s USGA handicaps can vary from 0 to 36 and 0 to 40, respectively. The disparity between your score and the scores of other players is reduced by handicaps.

You and a friend are playing an 18-hole round of golf on a course with a par of 75, for example. Your pal has a 7 handicap on the golf course. He ought to shoot 82 strokes or seven over par. You have a 14 handicap in golf. You must therefore shoot 89 strokes or 14 over par.

Your friend earned 82 and you scored 85 after the completion of all 18 holes. Even though your friend had a lower score, you would have won this game of golf after handicaps were taken into account. As expected, your friend played 7 over par. His adjusted score is therefore 0.

Due to taking 4 fewer strokes than anticipated, your score was -4 over par. As a result, you’ve won this round of golf.

What method should I employ to determine my golf handicap?

There are basic mathematical skills required to determine your course handicap. The methods used to determine golf handicaps were modified in 2020. You should use the following formula right now:

Handicap Index x (Slope Rating/113) + (Course Rating – Par)

An average of golf round scores is used to calculate the handicap index. You must add up all of your differentials, divide the total by the number of differentials utilized, then multiply the result by 0.96 to get this formula’s result.

The slope rating indicates how challenging a golf course is for an average player. It is determined by comparing golfers’ bogey scores to the course rating. Fortunately, you may ask the course for the slope rating so you won’t have to figure it out.

Each hole on the course, like as a par 4, a par 3, etc., is given a course rating by the USGA. It adds up how many strokes should be required to finish the course. You don’t need to add it up because the course’s rating is already available from the course.

Fortunately, there are a number of helpful applications and calculators for golf handicaps. So, the only things you need to monitor are:

  • Golf Results
  • Ratings for USGA Courses
  • Scores for Slope

After playing a round of golf and having these values for the course, you can simply enter them into a calculator or app to determine your handicap score.

How many scores are required to determine my ranking in the handicap index?

You must play at least five 18-hole rounds or ten 9-hole rounds in order to determine your handicap index rating. However, the handicap index rating can be determined using up to 20 scores. Your Adjusted Gross Score will be determined using your scores (AGS).

Your average game score, or AGS, is the result of all the games you have played. Your AGS would be 442/5 = 88.4, but you would round down to 88 if you were using five 18-hole scores and the total was 442.

Next, using your AGS and the following calculation, you may determine your handicap difference score:

[(AGS – Course Rating) x 113] / Slope Rating

How can I locate my revised score?

To determine your handicap index, you will need at least two handicap difference scores. Once you’ve got those, add them together and divide them by two. The handicap index is then calculated by multiplying by 0.96. The result should be rounded up or down as necessary.

The amount of lowest differential scores to utilize for this computation will depend on the number of rounds you use. Finally, multiply your handicap index rating by the slope rating of the course you plan to play. To determine your handicap on that particular course, divide this value by the typical slope rate of 113. As necessary, round up or down.

As you can see, the handicap calculation is quite intricate. If you weren’t previously graded, handicaps must be determined each time you play a new course. Additionally, every five rounds, a player’s handicap should be changed to reflect their current ability level.

How can I raise my handicap percentage?

Regular practice and playing various golf courses using a golf simulator and launch monitor setup from Foresight Sports are the simplest ways to lower your handicap score. With the aid of our cutting-edge launch monitors and software, we create golf simulators for the home.


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