Types of creative content every content writer should know

Types of creative content every content writer should know

You are a content creator. Do you already know these types of creative content? This article will share with you, let me find out.

Before starting to learn about creative content types. Let's find out what "creative content" is.

What is creative content writing?

Creative content is content that comes from writers expressing their own and new thoughts, opinions, or ideas. Creative content is usually quite creative and entertaining.

It can be anything academic, professional, journalistic or technical, but it all gives the reader a sense of entertainment and freshness.

It is the free, liberal, attractive writing style that allows the writer to freely express emotions or paint beautiful pictures in the minds of readers through creative words.

Creative content is used on blogs, magazines, industry newspapers, brand websites, novels, notebooks or news feeds.

Content creation brings a lot of benefits to businesses, especially startups in general, it helps to establish a business, increase awareness and share knowledge related to the brand. It grabs the reader's attention, increases trustworthiness, and leaves more memories in the consumer's mind.

Here are some creative types of content that content writers should know about.

Press release

A creatively written press release can attract valuable media attention and help shape the story for the business itself.

Press releases act as a privileged publicity tool as it can generate demand and interest among the target public, especially when you have regular press releases. It is also a great content marketing tool that can help your business get more publicity.

Write email

Today, email marketing has become an important part of successful marketing plans in any business.

It is considered a highly secure and personalized form of communication for businesses. Email creates direct connections with the target audience so brands can use email to make sales or focus on personal value to turn them into potential customers in the future.

Writing scripts or advertising content

The goal of promotional scripts is to provide ways to commercialize products or services. A good advertising script can capture the attention of consumers, build brand awareness, and attract the target audience to the advertised product or service.

When writing advertising scripts, it is important that writers should not abuse words, but instead should try to optimize words, selecting and using the most "expensive" words.

Creative content not only boosts the performance of advertising campaigns, optimizes advertising costs, but also sells more products.


Ghostwriting is a term that sounds quite mysterious in the content development industry, but in reality it is simply writing content for others and now the writer no longer plays the role of owner or creator. those contents. Ghostwriting can then also be understood as "semi-underground content".

Let's say you want to build new content for a website – a Ghostwriter can be hired to rewrite and enhance existing content.

There are many other similar jobs, such as copywriting or business content or providing material or rewriting for personal purposes.

Ghostwriters can also be hired to write books. If the author of the book wants to share some credibility with the ghostwriter, they can list the ghostwriter as a co-author or editor; otherwise, even if the books are written by ghostwriters, the author's name is still someone else's.

Video content

Video content is any content format with or including video formats.

Some common forms of video content today include vlogs, animated GIFs, live streams, customer testimonials, or webinars.

You can publish your creations as videos on any suitable platform like YouTube or TikTok. Nowadays, video has definitely become one of the most powerful marketing tools you should adopt.

Podcast script

A well-written script helps provide structure and direction to podcasts. The script consists of outlines and written directions for what the editor wants to convey to a specific ideal target group.


In today's business world, every business is constantly trying to increase their influence by delivering unique and creative content.

Any media campaign that isn't fresh or unique tends to be more easily forgotten.

Content has long played an important role in building healthy and lasting relationships with a brand's target audience. Therefore, to enhance brand value, you need to pay close attention to how ideas are conveyed to customers.

Creative content covers a wide range of different formats and writing styles. The main purpose of writing creative content is to express your thoughts, ideas and originality through the element of language. Maximizing your content creation to maximize results is the best marketing strategy you should adopt.

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