Game Pokemon X - 3DS ROM For Citra Emulator Free Download

Game Pokemon X - 3DS ROM  For Citra Emulator Free Download

The world's best-selling Pokemon game - Pokemon X and Y. Let's download pokemon x game, 3ds rom for Citra emulator to adventure together.

Pokemon x and y game introduction

In Pokemon X and Y, players will play as a talented pokemon trainer to start the journey with his friends. In the Kalos region, you will have to stop the nefarious plot of the criminal organization Team Flare and challenge the champion of the Pokemon alliance.

Pokemon X and Y also introduced 72 new pokemon species and some additions such as: new Fairy type, character customization, combat mechanics, and polygonal 3D graphics. A new pokemon change was also released, called "Mega Evolution", which allows some late level evolution pokemon to be further evolved. There are 30 evolutionary forms updated in this game. X and Y are two standalone versions of the game, but can still be connected via an exchange so that players can get all the pokemon they want from the two games.

Game information

  • Release date: October 12, 2013
  • Game series: Pokémon
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Number of players: Up to 4 people
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Modes: Single Player Video Game, Multiplayer Video Game
  • Publishers: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

Emulator playing pokemon on pc

If you don't have a nintendo 3ds machine, don't worry because this game can be played on a computer via citra emulator. Citra emulator allows us to run 3DS games smoothly, ensuring the experience is not much different from nintendo 3ds. See more information and download citra emulator here.

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit
  • CPU: Memory Core 2 Quad
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • GPU: must support at least OpenGL 3.3
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Hard disk: 4 GB of free space or more
  • DirectX Emulation Speed: Slow and Frequent

Download game pokemon X

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Some pictures of the game.

Some pictures of the game.

Some pictures of the game.

Some pictures of the game.

Wish you have fun playing the game. Please continue to support me!
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